Working Groups

This section provides some quick links for members of IVOA working groups - twiki pages, events calendar, links to current versions of standards documents, etc. The material is intended for people actually working on development of IVOA standards, but is open to all, so any interested parties are welcome to follow the progress of IVOA business. To understand this material, you may first want to peruse the overview given in the Deployers section.

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IVOA Code of Conduct

The mailing list archive can be searched here.

Working Groups

Working Group Page Previous Messages Subscribe Send Mail Chair Vice Chair
Applications archive options Pierre Le Sidaner Adrian Damian
Data Access Layer archive options James Dempsey Grégory Mantelet
Data Model archive options Mark Cresitello-Dittmar MathieuServillat
Grid & Web Services archive options Jesus Salgado Sara Bertocco
Registry archive options Renaud Savalle Tess Jaffe
Semantics archive options Baptiste Cecconi Sebastien Derriere

See the Policy on IVOA Working Group/Interest Group Chairs and Vice chairs for an explanation of the role of Chairs and Vice-chairs. You can also look at the IVOA History page on the wiki to see term dates for the positions.

Interest Groups

Interest Group Page Previous Messages Subscribe Mailing List Chair Vice Chair
Data Curation & Preservation archives options Gilles Landais Gus Muench
Education archives options Hendrik Heinl Shanshan Li
Knowledge Discovery in Databases archives options Raffaele d’Abrusco Yihan Tao
Operations archives options Steve Groom Tamara Civera
Solar System archives options Anne Raugh Markus Demleitner
Theory archives options Simon O’Toole Giuliano Taffoni
Time Domain archives options Rafael Martinez Galarzai Pierre Fernique
Radio archives options Francois Bonnarel Mark Kettenis
High Energy archives options Janet Evans

Other Groups, Activities and Committees

Group/Committee Page Previous Messages Subscribe Mailing List Chair Vice Chair
Interop archives options N/A N/A
Exec Christophe Arviset Simon O’Toole
Technical Coordination Group Janet Evans Marco Molinaro
IAU-IVOA Liaison Committee Bruce Berriman
Standing Committee on Science Priorities Ada Nebot Francesca Civano
Standing Committee on Standards & Processes archives options Patrick Dowler N/A
IVOA Document Coordinator Giulia Iafrate N/A

Inactive Working Groups